Trials vs Previews

How are they different, and how do you decide which suits your needs?

What is a trial?
Consider a trial a preliminary experience before making a commitment. It’s a change for both you and your artist to gauge compatibility before finalizing any agreements. During this phase, you’re only responsible for covering the trial expenses, and the artist doesn’t reserve your wedding date at this point. Certain artists might stipulate a trial as a prerequisite before confirming a booking, aiming to establish that you’re a good match for collaboration. At Amy Merritt Hair & Makeup, we only require Discovery Calls prior to booking, it is your choice whether you’d like a trial.

What is a preview?
A preview gives us a valuable chance to rehearse and refine your hairstyle and makeup for your wedding day, as well as any other events across the wedding weekend. Because you will have already booked, I will have been working closely with you and your design team and created mood boards and suggestions based on your unique vision (more on this below!) While not obligatory for Amy Merritt Hair & Makeup, some artists may request a preview to ensure the seamless execution of your wedding plans. This allows you to bridge the gap between imagination and reality, contributing to a more assured wedding day experience.

A trial can take place several months or even a year ahead of your wedding. At that point, wardrobe and accessory choices may not be finalized. Sometimes, having a preview closer to the wedding day might be essential, complementing the initial trial. Most brides have a specific vision for their hair and makeup, but sometimes, when they see those styles on themselves, it doesn’t resonate as they expected. Setting aside ample time for a preview enables both you and your artist to experiment with diverse concepts. Granting your artist creative freedom can unveil possibilities you might not have considered, resulting in looks that you love.

For destination couples
For anyone getting married in a city distant from their own, especially when their chosen artist is not based in either city nor nearby, I recommend scheduling the preview during the week of the wedding. This strategy holds particular relevance for destination weddings where numerous pre-wedding events are planned. Coordinating my arrival a day ahead of these events allows us to dedicate several hours to previewing the various looks for the upcoming days. This approach ensures a smooth and enjoyable beauty experience throughout the week.

Consultation Calls
Because previews often take place closer to the wedding date, consultations are always part of the bridal beauty experience with Amy Merritt Hair & Makeup if desired. These calls serve a dual purpose: it facilitates detailed conversations about your beauty vision and your relationship with hair and makeup, while also giving us the opportunity to establish a comraderie and trust before your wedding day arrives. Recognizing that artists will be colsely involved in your wedding preparatins and spending ample time in your personal space, I understand the importance of fostering a connection between us. After all, the nature of this service is intimate, and it’s only natural that you feel seen, heard, and supported.

Who is eligible for a trial? Who qualifies for a preview?
While I can’t speak on behalf of all bridal beauty specialists, with Amy Merritt Hair & Makeup, trials are reserved for the bride only. It’s quite common for us to conduct previews with mothers or anyone who might have concerns about their appearance or an allergy on the wedding day.

If you are only have a trial or a preview, I highly recommend a preview as it is much more in-depth than a trial run.

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