Beginner Skin Prep

Your makeup will never be a 10 if your skincare is a 2.

Put it on your gift lists, people. I’d highly recommend investing in the skin you’re having photographed! And even if you’re not on the engagement/wedding trajectory, Sonia Roselli’s skin prep is the perfect starting point for anyone who wants their skin to look its best. Sonia’s luxury skin prep is so user-friendly (she gives detailed instructions for every product) and genuinely does work well with all skin types.

Sonia Roselli Beauty products are a staple in my kit, on my bathroom counter, and are loved by pro makeup artists all over the world.

Sonia, an esthetician and luxury makeup artist, offers everything you need to prep your face before applying makeup, and to take it off without stripping your skin barrier. Whether you’re looking for hydrated, glowing skin or are searching for ways to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Sonia really does make it easy for you to get started on a skin care regimen without having to spend forever experimenting.

Say hello to ageless beauty and try out some Sonia Roselli Beauty at 5% off with code AMYMERRITT at checkout! Your face will thank you.

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