Hate Wearing SPF? Try These:

I get it. Sunscreen can feel greasy, sticky, and gross. America’s selection of sunscreen is pretty far behind other markets. But protecting your skin is one of the most important, effective things you can do when it comes to skincare, so I’ve compiled a list of my favorite SPFs that feel so much nicer than most American SPFs.


First, let’s talk about why we need to use sunscreen.

The health of your skin should be the most persuasive factor, right? But aging tends to scare people more than the myriad of health risks including cancer. So keeping with that trend, lemme just say that the sun will age the hell out of you. It causes sunspots, uneven skin tone, premature wrinkles,  premature sagging of the skin, and a handful of other things that generally make you look older faster. So if the health risks of going without SPF aren’t enough, you’ll age yourself prematurely. No thanks. I’d rather not. The sun is one of the top causes of premature aging, and can be a major contributor when it comes to cancers like melanoma. It doesn’t matter if you’re outside or inside – UV rays go through windows! (Hello, indoor plants.)

So how much sunscreen should you use?

I recommend using SPF 50 on your face. It should be around half a teaspoon’s worth to cover your face (which is why the SPF in your foundation is likely not doing anything for you unless you’re using, like… too much foundation.) If you’re going for full body sunscreening, you should be using an ounce. Yeah, a full shot glass. I know it can feel SO greasy and sticky and stinky and gross to wear sunscreen, which (aside from good ingredients and ratios) is why I have some favorites listed. No one wants to feel sunscreen-y.



The best sunscreens for those who hate sunscreen:

These are Korean and Japanese SPFs that have newer filters than what are available in the USA. They provide better UVA and UVB protection, have much better textures, and work with more skin tones. The shipping can take a bit longer, but it’s worth it. (I wouldn’t recommend using Amazon for any beauty products, there are a lot of counterfeits.)

On a time crunch?

These are my go-to SPFs that will likely have faster shipping, or you can pick up in a store near you:


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While there is definitely a sunscreen hierarchy in my mind, the reality is that the best kind of SPF is the the kind you will actually use. It’s for your heath and it makes future you look good, so grab some sunscreen and put it on every single morning – no excuses!


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