3 Tips For Your Preview

Your preview is the most in-depth service we’ll have together. It is an opportunity to see your vision come to life, and for us to establish a camaraderie and trust. Ultimately, having agreed upon looks and a genuine, meaningful connection will lead to your wedding day running that much more smoothly.


It’s best to have clients arrive with clean, dry hair and a clean face.  If you would like to use your natural curl pattern, please wash and prep your curls the way you feel they look best the night prior to our appointment. The goal is to replicate the real thing as closely as possible, so if you’re planning to use hair extensions, have a spray tan, or tinted brows, try to have that done ahead of time too!

We set aside three hours for a preview, which generally allows for 90 minutes for hair, and 90 minutes for makeup. This will give us the opportunity for experimentation and fine-tuning, however, additional time can be added upon request.


Leading up to your preview,  I will be collaborating with your design team and stylist as we consider your event’s elements, your personal beauty preferences, and create a look that’s curated for you.

I’ll depend on you to guide me through your preferences as we build your look, and I’ll use my expertise to present you with options and help you make decisions that stay true to your style and reflect the style of your unique event.


Consider bringing along the earrings, necklaces, and/or hair accessories you plan to wear on your wedding day to make sure you love how they look with your hair and makeup.

Your wardrobe can have a significant impact on how you feel about your look, so if you have a top that is white or light in color with a neckline that mirrors your gown’s neckline, wear it!


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns about your upcoming preview. Studio hours are Tuesday – Friday, 10am – 6pm MST, at 1075 E. South Boulder Rd., Ste. 125 Louisville, CO 80027.


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